English-Spanish Language Pack for Create Mobile Dictionary

English-Spanish Tongue Pack for Make Moving Vocabulary

Story: 1.0
Platforms: Pocket Computer, Smartphone

Developer: Make Software
Licence: Freeware
Document Size: 278 Kb

Download Free Of Charge English-Spanish Tongue Pack for Make Moving Vocabulary 
  English-Spanish Tongue Pack for Make Moving Vocabulary - English-Spanish Tongue pack for the Make Moving Vocabulary use.
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Requirements: Make Moving Vocabulary

Supported OS: Pocket Computer 2002, Windows Moving 2003, Windows Moving 2003 Smartphone, Windows Moving 5.0, Windows Moving 5.0 Smartphone, Windows Moving 6 Classic, Windows Moving 6 Expert, Windows Moving 6 Average, Windows Moving 6.1 Classic, Windows Moving 6.1 Expert, Windows Moving 6.1 Average, Windows Moving 6.5 Expert, Windows Moving 6.5 Average

Supported devices:
Acer: Acer Beat X960, Acer DX900, Acer c530/c531, Acer neoTouch P400 / P400 B, Acer n30, Acer beTouch E200 (Acer L1), Acer Ferrari Racing, Acer Beat M900, Acer neoTouch S200 (Acer F1), Acer c500/c510, Acer neoTouch P300, Acer n10, Acer n20w, Acer n50, Acer DX650, Acer beTouch e101/e100, Acer n300/n310/n311/n321, Acer Beat F900, Acer X960, Acer n20, Acer n35
Airis: Airis T470i, Airis T483 / T483L, Airis N509, Airis T605, Airis T480 / T480E, Airis T482 (SIM N3), Airis T470 / T470E, Airis T610 / T620, Airis NC05 / NC05A
Alcatel: Alcatel OT-S988W
Amoi: Amoi E78, Amoi E75, Amoi E72, Amoi E850, Amoi E860, Amoi N810, Amoi N8, Amoi E70, T-Moving MDA Letter (HTC Excalibur 160), Amoi E76, Amoi N800
AnexTEK: AnexTEK moboDA 3160, AnexTEK SP230, AnexTEK moboDA 3380, AnexTEK moboDA 3360
Asus: ASUS Glaxy7, Asus MyPal A620, Asus P525, Asus P505, Asus P552w, Asus P535, Asus P560, Asus M530w (Aries), Asus MyPal A600, Asus P526 (Pegasus), Asus P527, Garmin-Asus nuvifone M10, Asus MyPal A696, Asus P835, Asus P305, Garmin-Asus nuvifone M10 NA, Asus MyPal A730, Asus MyPal A639, Asus P320 (Asus Galaxy Little), Asus M536, Asus MyPal A626, Asus P550, Asus M930, Garmin-Asus Nuvifone M20, Asus MyPal A716, Asus MyPal A632/A636, Asus P565, Asus Lamborghini ZX1, Asus MyPal A686, Asus P735, Asus P750/P750i
AT&T: AT&T HTC Pure (HTC Topaz 210), AT&T Tilt 8925 (HTC Kaiser 160), AT&T HTC Tilt2 T7377 (HTC Barium), AT&T Fuze (HTC Raphael 101), AT&T Tilt 8900 (HTC Kaiser 110)
Athesi: Athesi RP1000 QVGA / VGA, Athesi M3 Sky
Audiovox: Audiovox XV6600 / Ph20a2, Audiovox PPC 4100, Audiovox Maestro - 1032c, Audiovox SMT 5600, Audiovox PPC 5050, Audiovox PPC 6700, Audiovox PPC 6600/6601, Audiovox XV6800, Audiovox Thera - 2032
BenQ: Benq T80, BenQ-Siemens E72, BenQ P50, BenQ P51
Bluebird: Bluebird Pidion BM-500, Bluebird Pidion BIP-6000, Bluebird Pidion BIP-5000, Bluebird Pidion BIP-1300 , Bluebird Pidion BIP-2000, Bluebird Pidion BM-150R GSM/CDMA, Bluebird Pidion BM-300
Casio: Casio E-125, Casio E-750, Casio E-115, Casio E-700, Casio Cassiopeia E-3000, Casio Cassiopeia IT-10 M20/M30BR, Casio Cassiopeia DT-5300 M30SC/M30S, Casio E-200, Casio E-2000
Cingular: Cingular 2125, Cingular Blackjack, Cingular 3125, Cingular 8125, Cingular 8525
CipherLab: CipherLab CPT-9500PPC
CyberBank: CyberBank POZ X501, CyberBank Triton 1880 KW/0880/0885, CyberBank POZ B300, CyberBank POZ X310, CyberBank POZ 1870, CyberBank POZ X301, CyberBank POZ G300 (HTC Galaxy 100), CyberBank POZ 0870, CyberBank POZ 0850, CyberBank POZ 2470
Daxian: Daxian CU928 (HTC Harrier), Daxian C9000, Daxian C8100
Dell: Dell Axim X50, Dell Axim X51v, Dell Axim X3, Dell Axim X51, Dell Axim X30, Dell Axim X50v, Dell Axim X5
Dopod: Dopod 700, Dopod U1000, Dopod CHT 9100, Dopod 585, Dopod Touch Pro (HTC Raphael), Dopod S700 (HTC Fuwa), Dopod P100, Dopod D810, Dopod E806c (HTC Wave), Dopod Touch Diamond S910 (HTC Diamond), Dopod 577W (HTC Twister Blue-blooded), Dopod S1, Dopod P800 (HTC Artemis 110), Dopod 828, Dopod S900c (HTC Diamond 500), Dopod C720W (HTC Excalibur 100), Dopod D600 (Gene 100), Dopod C750, Dopod 699, Dopod Touch T3238 (HTC Jade 100), Dopod S500 (HTC Vogue 200), Dopod CHT 9110, Dopod Touch Cruise T4288 (HTC Iolite), Dopod T8388 (HTC Qilin), Dopod D802 (HTC Cherish), Dopod D818c (HTC Wave), Dopod 515, Dopod 586w, Dopod Touch Diamond S900 (HTC Diamond 100), Dopod C800 / C858 (HTC Herald 100), Dopod 575, Dopod 900, Dopod S600, Dopod P660, Dopod 696, Dopod C500, Dopod 830 / 818 Pro (HTC Prophet), Dopod 557w, Dopod S300, Dopod 595 (HTC Breeze 160), Dopod T5399 (HTC Look-alike 10000), Dopod E616 (HTC Panda), Dopod CHT 9000 (HTC Hermes 200), Dopod 565, Dopod Touch HD (HTC Blackstone), Dopod S505, Dopod 838, Dopod HD2 T8588 (HTC Leo 100), Dopod M700, Dopod S610 (HTC Nike), Dopod 710+ (HTC Startrek), Dopod P860, Dopod 566 / 586 (HTC Hurricane), Dopod 686, Dopod 310 (HTC O2), Dopod C730
Emobile: Emobile Emonster S11HT, Emobile Touch Diamond S21HT (HTC Diamond 210), Emobile Dual Diamond S22HT (HTC Rose), Emobile Emonster lite S12HT (HTC Nike)
Everex: Everex SP360, Everex Neon (Kinpo Neon), Everex E500, Everex E900
Fly: Fly Computer 200, Fly IQ-110, Fly Computer 100 (TechFaith PDA-L), Fly IQ-120
Fujitsu-Siemens: Loox T830, Loox 600, Loox 610, Loox N500, Loox V70, Loox T810, Loox 410/420, Loox C550, Loox N100/N110, Loox N560, Loox 710/718/720, Loox N520
Garmin: iQue M4, iQue M3, iQue M5
Common Moving: Common Moving DSTW1 (TechFaith Cynthia 850)
Getac: Getac PS236, Getac PS236 WWAN, Getac PS535F
Gigabyte: Gigabyte GSmart t600, Gigabyte GSmart i300, Gigabyte GSmart S1205, Gigabyte GSmart MS804, Gigabyte GSmart MS820, Gigabyte g-Elegant, Gigabyte GSmart MW700, Gigabyte GSmart S1204, Gigabyte GSmart i200, Gigabyte Gsmart S1200, Gigabyte GSmart q60, Gigabyte GSmart MW702, Gigabyte GSmart MW720, Gigabyte GSmart MS808, Gigabyte GSmart MS800, Gigabyte GSmart i128, Gigabyte GSmart i350, Gigabyte GSmart MS802, Gigabyte GSmart MW704, Gigabyte GSmart MW998, Gigabyte GSmart i120
Ginza: Ginza MS100
Glofiish & E-Ten: E-TEN P603, E-Ten M500, Glofiish M750, E-Ten P700, Glofiish X650 (E-Ten X650) , Glofiish X500+ (E-Ten X500+) , E-Ten G500, Glofiish (E-Ten) M700, Glofiish X900 (E-Ten X900), E-TEN P610, Glofiish X800 (E-Ten X800), E-Ten P300, Glofiish V900 (E-Ten V900), E-Ten P600, Glofiish X600 (E-Ten X600) , E-TEN InfoTouch M550, Glofiish X610, Glofiish M810, E-Ten P300B, Glofiish M800 (E-Ten M800) , E-Ten M600, Glofiish (E-Ten) X500, Glofiish DX900 (E-Ten DX900)
Gresso: Gresso Avantgarde Skeleton Female Diamond, Gresso Avantgarde Luna / Sol Gold, Gresso Avantgarde Luna / Sol Steel, Gresso Atramentous / Regal Atramentous Diamonds
Hitachi: Hitachi G1000, Hitachi FLORA-ie MX1
HKC: HKC G801 (TechFaith Lampson II), HKC Pearl (TechFaith Lancer), HKC Prado, HKC G901 (TechFaith Bono), HKC Mopad 8/8E, HKC G920 (SIM Wacke), HKC W1000 (TechFaith Gallic), HKC G908 (SIM V1), HKC C880 (TechFaith Moffett), HKC G1000 (TechFaith Cynthia 850)
HP: iPAQ h1915, iPAQ rw6828/rw6815/rw6818, iPAQ rw6100 Series, Hewlett-Packard iPAQ Information Envoy, iPAQ hx2700 Series/hx2790/hx2795, iPAQ h4150/h4155, iPAQ rx3715, iPAQ rx1950/rx1955, Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 100 / 110 / 111 / 112, Jornada 564/565/567/568, iPAQ h6310/h6315, HP iPAQ Articulation Envoy 500 / 510, iPAQ h3830/h3835/h3840 h3850/h3870/h3875, iPAQ h4350/h4355, HP iPAQ Articulation Envoy 516, iPAQ h1910/h1915/h1920, iPAQ hx2410/hx2415, Morpheus 1/Morpheus 2, iPAQ hx2100 Series / hx2190 / hx2195, iPAQ rx5900/rx5915 rx5940/rx5935/rx5965, iPAQ h2210/h2212e/h2215, iPAQ rx3415/rx3417, HP iPAQ 910/912/914/c Matter Envoy, Hewlett-Packard iPAQ K3 Glisten (Pegatron Obsidian), iPAQ hx2400/hx2490/hx2495, Jornada 928, iPAQ h5500/h5550/h5555, Gable, iPAQ h3730/h3760/h3765, Jornada 520/540, iPAQ h6340 / h6345, iPAQ hw6910/hw6920/hw6940, iPAQ h3900 Series, iPAQ hx4700/hx4705, HP iPAQ 210/211/212/214 Enterprise Handheld, iPAQ h5100/h5400, iPAQ rx4000/rx5000 rx4240/rx4540, HP iPAQ Articulation Envoy 512 / 514, iPAQ h1930/h1935 h1937/h1940/h1945, iPAQ rx3115, HP iPAQ 600/610/612/614/c Matter Navigator, iPAQ hw6915/hw6925 hw6945/hw6965, iPAQ h5150/h5155, iPAQ rz1710/rz1715/rz1717, iPAQ hw6700 Series, iPAQ h5450/h5455, iPAQ h6320/h6325/h6365, iPAQ hx2750 / hx2755, iPAQ rx5730/rx5735, iPAQ h3660/h3670, iPAQ hw6500/hw6510/hw6515, HP iPAQ 114 Classic Handheld
HTC: HTC Touch 3G (T3232 Jade), HTC TyTN II P4550 (Kaiser), HTC Look-alike, HTC P3400i, HTC Service X7501 (HTC Athena), HTC S720 (HTC Libra 100), HTC Touch Viva T2222/T2223/T2233 (HTC Opal 100), HTC S411 (HTC Startrek 160), HTC Snap S522 (HTC Maple 120), HTC P6500 (Sirius), HTC Touch2 T3333 / T3320 (HTC Mega 100), HTC P3300 (Artemis), HTC Ted Baker Darner (HTC Fairy 200), HTC Touch Diamond2 T5388 (HTC Topaz), HTC MTeoR, HTC S740, HTC 8925 Tilt (HTC Kaiser 100), HTC Wise, HTC Service X7500, HTC P3301 (HTC Artemis 200), HTC Star Trek, HTC S743 US (HTC Rose), HTC P3452 Touch (HTC Elfin), HTC P3350 (Cherish), HTC X9500 (Shift), HTC Touch Pro T7272 (HTC Raphael 100), HTC Touch P3450 (Fairy 100), HTC Thoth, HTC Touch HD T8285 (HTC Blackstone), HTC S320 (Monet), HTC Touch Dual P5500 (Nike) NIKI100, HTC Tianxi T9188 (HTC HuaShan), HTC MAX 4G T8290 (HTC Quartz), HTC Touch Cruise II 2009 (HTC T4242) (HTC Iolite), HTC S630 (Cavalier), HTC Imagio, HTC HD Little (HTC Photon), HTC P3000 Wave, HTC T9199 (HTC Oboe), HTC P4350 (Herald 100), HTC P4351 (HTC Herald), HTC P6000 Census, HTC P4300 (HTC Necromancer 110), HTC Whitestone, HTC Touch Diamond2 T5353 (HTC Topaz 100), HTC S620 (Excalibur)(Sprint), HTC Touch Cruise P3650 (HTC Polaris), HTC P3400/P3401 (Gene), HTC S710 / S711 (HTC Vox), HTC SPV M5000 (HTC General), HTC Touch Dual P5530, HTC P6550 (HTC Sedna), HTC S730 (Wings), HTC S640 (HTC Ftcur-delis 100), HTC 8125, HTC Touch Dual 850 / P5310 (HTC Neon 400), HTC Atlas, HTC Firestone, HTC HD2 Telstra (HTC Leo), HTC P3600i, HTC PM300, HTC Touch Diamond (HTC P3700/P3490/P3051), HTC Charmer, HTC PPC6800 (Notable), HTC TyTN, HTC S621 (HTC Excalibur), HTC Service X7510 (HTC Athena 400), HTC Touch HD T8282 (HTC Blackstone 100), HTC Breeze, HTC Touch Diamond P3702 Victor (HTC Diamond 200), HTC Cedar, HTC Snap S521 / Commander (HTC Maple 100), HTC HD2 T8585 (Leo 100), HTC Touch Acquisition (HTC Polaris 200), HTC P3600 (Trinity), HTC Touch P3050 (HTC Vogue 100), HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 T7380 (HTC Rhodium 100), HTC S310 (O2), HTC P3470 (HTC Pharos 100)(HTC PHAR100), HTC P4000 (HTC Titan 100), HTC Omni, HTC P6300 (Panda), HTC S420 (Erato), HTC Gene 100, HTC 5800 (HTC Libra 100)
Huawei: Huawei C8000, Huawei C8100
i-Friend: I-Friend SP JAS (HTC Breeze 160), i-Friend SP5, i-Friend Future 6150, i-Friend Smartphone, i-Friend Future 9150, i-Friend JAMA 101, i-Friend Jasjar, i-Friend PDAL, i-Friend SP3i, i-Friend PDA2, i-Friend PDA-N, i-Friend PM300, i-Friend Future 5150, i-Friend Future 8150, i-Friend 9502 Future, i-Friend JAMin, i-Friend K-JAR, i-Friend JAQ3, i-Friend SP3, i-Friend Pocket Computer, i-Friend SPL, i-Friend JasJam (HTC Hermes 100), i-Friend JAMA, i-Friend Preserve, I-Friend 810-F (Hummer), i-Friend JAQ4, i-Friend SP5m, i-Friend Future 7150, i-Friend 8502 Future, i-Friend JAQ, i-Friend JAMA 201, i-Friend Smartphone2, i-Friend Smartflip, i-Friend K-Preserve, i-Friend PDA2k
ICD: Speed 111, Speed 103
iDO: iDO S600, iDO P890 (Kinpo Saturn), iDO S630 (Kinpo Tinplate)
Intermec: Intermec CV30, Intermec CN30, Intermec CN2B, Intermec CN3, Intermec 730B, Intermec 730 I-Protected, Intermec 741B / 751B / 761B
Krome: Krome Intellekt iQ700 (HTC Typhoon), Krome Navigator F1 (HTC Himalaya), Krome Mega M900i, Krome Intellekt iQ200 (HTC Voyager)
Lenovo: Lenovo ET980, Lenovo ET960, Lenovo ET660, Lenovo ET600
LG: LG VS750, LG Incite CT810, LG KT878, LG KC1, LG KS20, LG GW820 eXpo (LG Monaco), LG GM730/GM730f, LG GW825 IQ (LG Monaco), LG SU210 / KU2100 / LU2100, LG PM800, LG eXpo, LG GM550, LG GT810H, LG PM80, LG GM 750 (LG Layla), LG N1, LG GW550
Medion: Medion MDPPC 150/250, Medion MDPPC 100 (MD7200), Medion MDPNA 1500 (MD96700), Medion MDPNA 100 (MD95025), Medion MDSP 150 (MD95282)
Micromax: Micromax W900
Microsoft: Windows Moving 5.0, Windows Moving 6 Expert, Windows Moving 2003 Smartphone, Windows Moving 6 Average, Pocket Computer 2002, Windows Moving 2003, Windows Moving 6.5 Average, Windows Moving 6.1 Expert, Windows Moving 6.1 Classic, Windows Moving 6.5 Expert, Windows Moving 6 Classic, Windows Moving 5.0 Smartphone, Windows Moving 6.1 Average
MiTAC: Mio 8870, Mio 336, Mio A700/A701, MiTAC Mio P560 DigiWalker, Mio 528, Mio 169, MiTAC Mio 180 Digi-Walker, Mio A501, Mio 8860, Mio 168, Mio A201, MiTAC Mio P360 DigiWalker, Mio 728, Mio Leap G50 (Mio Lovebird), Mio 558, Mio A502 Digi-Walker, Mio A702, Mio 8390, Mio P550 / P550m Digi-Walker, Mio P340 Digi-Walker, Mio 339, Pocket Navigator PN-3560, Mio 338, Mio Explora K70, Mio 8380, Mio Explora K75, Mio P350
Moving Compia: Moving Compia MM3, Moving Compia M3 Elegant, Moving Compia M3 Plus MC-7700S/MC-7500S
Mobinnova: Mobinnova Freeze /Ice 5420
Motorola: Motorola i920 / i930, Motorola HC700-G/L, Motorola Q9 Napoleon, Motorola Q8, Motorola MC5574, Motorola Q9 h/m/c, Motorola MOTO Q Air 9m (Motorola Nelson), Motorola MPx220, Motorola Q11, Motorola MC5590, Motorola FR6000, Motorola MC70 GSM/CDMA, Motorola MOTOSURF A3100 (Motorola Attila), Motorola Q, Motorola MPx200, Motorola MC9500-K CDMA/GSM, Motorola FR68, Motorola MC35, Motorola ES400, Motorola MC75, Motorola VC6096, Motorola Q GSM
MWg: MWg Atom V, MWg Atom Lifetime, MWg Zinc II, MWg UBiQUiO 503g
NDrive: NDrive S400 (SIM U1), NDrive S300 (TechFaith Lampson)
NEC: MobilePro 300e, PocketGear 5000, MobilePro 200e, PocketGear 2030, MobilePro P300
NTT DoCoMo: NTT DoCoMo hTc Z (HTC Hermes 100), NTT DoCoMo FOMA HT1100 (HTC Nike), NTT DoCoMo FOMA F1100, NTT DoCoMo PRO series HT-02A (HTC Diamond), NTT DoCoMo PRO series SC-01B, NTT DoCoMo PRO series HT-01A (HTC Raphael 600), NTT DoCoMo PRO series T-01A (Toshiba Tsunagi)
Oxygen: Oxygen xda PM300, Oxygen Xda Venn (Pantech Mustang 2), Oxygen XDA Star (HTC Nike 100), Oxygen XDA Zinc (Asus Mars II), Oxygen XDA Cloak (HTC Sedna 100), Oxygen xda Neo, Oxygen XDA Nova (HTC Fairy 200), Oxygen xda sp, Oxygen Xda Diamond Pro / Xda Serra (HTC Raphael 100), Oxygen XDA Atmos (HTC Wings 100), Oxygen xda Orion, Oxygen xda II, Oxygen xda Flame, Oxygen XDA Comet, Oxygen xda, Oxygen xda IQ, Oxygen xda II Little, Oxygen xda Trion, Oxygen XDA Drive (HTC Iolite), Oxygen xda Cosmo, Oxygen Xda Stellar, Oxygen xda Little s (pm10a), Oxygen Xphone IIm, Oxygen XDA Graphite (Asus Jupiter), Oxygen XDA Terra (HTC Herald 100), Oxygen Xphone, Oxygen XDA Flint (HTC Athena 400), Oxygen xda IIs, Oxygen xda Stealth, Oxygen XDA Bite (Asus Crystal), Oxygen Xda Diamond 2 (HTC Topaz 100), Oxygen Xda Diamond / Xda Ignito (HTC Diamond 300) , Oxygen xda Atom/Atom Lifetime, Oxygen Xphone II, Oxygen xda Exec, Oxygen xda IIi, Oxygen xda Revolution (ARTE200), Oxygen xda III
Okwap: Okwap K728, Okwap K868 Plus, Okwap K868, Okwap K871, Okwap K869, Okwap S868
Opticon: Opticon H19, Opticon H16 / H16B
Orange: Orange SPV M500, Orange M650 (HTC Artemis 100), Orange SPV M3000, Orange SPV M700 , Orange SPV E200, Orange SPV M2000, Orange SPV E600 (HTC Excalibur 160), Orange SPV, Orange SPV M600, Orange SPV C550, Orange SPV C700 (HTC Breeze 100), Orange SPV E610, Orange SPV M1000, Orange SPV C200, Orange SPV C100 (HTC O2), Orange SPV M2500 (HTC Alpine), Orange SPV E650 (HTC Vox), Orange SPV E100, Orange SPV M5000, Orange SPV C500, Orange SPV C600, Orange SPV F600, Orange SPV M3100
ORSiO: ORSiO n725, ORSiO p745, ORSiO g735
Palm: Palm Treo Pro (Treo 850) (Palm Brother), Palm Treo 700w/700wx, Palm Treo 500, Palm Treo 800w, Palm Treo 750/750v
Panasonic: Panasonic Toughbook CF-P1 Mk. 2
Pantech: Pantech PN-820, Pantech DUO C810, Pantech Matrix PRO (Pantech Mustang 2)
Pharos: Pharos Traveller 117, Pharos Traveller GPS 525 (HTC Galaxy 100), Pharos Traveller 127, Pharos Traveller 535e / 535PB / 535+, Pharos Traveller 619, Pharos Traveller GPS 505, Pharos Traveller 600 (GPS Telephone 600), Pharos Traveller 137 (Inventec Montblance 338), Pharos PTL565E
Philips: Philips D908
Psion Teklogix: Psion Teklogix Ikon 7505 WWAN / QWERTY, Psion Teklogix Ikon 7505
QiGi: QiGi U8 / U8P, QiGi U6 / U6P, QiGi W86, QiGi i55 / i55P (TechFaith Cynthia 850), QiGi V808, QiGi i9 / i9P (TechFaith Bono), QiGi i55C (TechFaith Gallic), QiGi i5 / i5P (TechFaith Lampson II), QiGi AK007C, QiGi i8 (TechFaith Pebble), QiGi i7, QiGi i3 (Techfaith Vista 850), QiGi i6C / i6 Achievement / i6P Achievement (TechFaith Lancer), QiGi Smartbook U2000
Qool Labs: Qool QDA Image, Qool QDA Oh!
Qtek: Qtek 8020, Qtek S100, Qtek 9000, Qtek 8200 (HTC Hurricane), Qtek 8310, Qtek S200 (PM300), Qtek 8010, Qtek G200, Qtek 8060, Qtek 9090, Qtek 8300, Qtek G100, Qtek 8080, Qtek 8600, Qtek 9600, Qtek 8100, Qtek 2020, Qtek 1010, Qtek S110, Qtek 2060 (HTC Himalaya), Qtek 9100 (HTC Wiza 200), Qtek pm10a, Qtek 7070, Qtek 8500
Razor: Zayo
RoverPC: RoverPC N7, RoverPC S8 Premium, RoverPC G5, RoverPC P7 2003, RoverPC evo X8, RoverPC S2, RoverPC P6 2002, RoverPC fresh P7 (SIM N5), RoverPC M1, RoverPC C6, RoverPC evo V7 (SIM V1), RoverPC M5, RoverPC N6, RoverPC P4, RoverPC Q5 (Kinpo Saturn), RoverPC C7, RoverPC S1, RoverPC R5, RoverPC P3, RoverPC X7 (SIM Wacke), RoverPC S7, RoverPC E5, RoverPC pro G7 (SIM U1), RoverPC pro G8, RoverPC G6, RoverPC P1, RoverPC Q6, RoverPC S5, RoverPC W5, RoverPC P5, RoverPC S6, RoverPC Q7 (TechFaith Bono), RoverPC S8, RoverPC P6
Samsung: Samsung SCH-i329, Samsung SGH-i320, Samsung SGH-i607 BlackJack, Samsung SCH-i910 Omnia, Samsung SCH-M620, Samsung SPH-M8400 Exhibit OMNIA, Samsung SCH-i600 / SPH-i600, Samsung SCH-M830, Samsung SGH-i616, Samsung Omnia 2 I8000, Samsung SPH-M8100, Samsung Epic i770 / i777, Samsung i700, Samsung SCH-M480, Samsung B7320 Omnia Pro, Samsung SPH-M7350 OZ Omnia, Samsung SGH-i900L, Samsung B7330 Omnia Pro, Samsung SPH-M4650 Multi-Touch, Samsung B7300 Omnia LITE, Samsung SWD-M100 Mondi, Samsung i750, Samsung i220 Law, Samsung SCH-i225 Exec, Samsung SCH-M495, Samsung SPH-M6200 Ultra Messaging, Samsung SGH-i310, Samsung SCH-M710/M715 T*OMNIA II, Samsung SCH-M470, Samsung SGH-i718, Samsung SPH-M4800 Ultra Messaging II, Samsung SGH-i908E, Samsung i200, Samsung SGH-i627 Drive Pro, Samsung i900 Omnia WiTu, Samsung SGH-i300x, Samsung Ace 2, Samsung GT-i8000L Omnia II M8 8GB/M16 16GB, Samsung SGH-i788, Samsung SGH-i608, Samsung SGH-i740 / i740c, Samsung SGH-i907 Epix, Samsung i730, Samsung C6625, Samsung GT-C6620, Samsung SPH-i325 ACE, Samsung SCH-M490, Samsung GT-B7620 Giorgio Armani, Samsung GT-i8000T Omnia Image M8 8GB, Samsung i760, Samsung SCH-M720 OMNIA Pop, Samsung SGH-i300, Samsung i620/i640, Samsung GT-B7300C (Samsung Buckingham), Samsung Ultra Messaging i600, Samsung Jack i637, Samsung SCH-i920 Omnia II 8GB, Samsung SGH-i728, Samsung i780, Samsung B7610 OmniaPro, Samsung SCH-M600, Samsung C6620, Samsung GT-i8000U M2 2GB, Samsung i710, Samsung BlackJack 2 i617, Samsung M400/M4000, Samsung Mondi, Samsung SGH-i326 Atramentous, Samsung i830, Samsung SPH-i350 Intrepid, Samsung GT-B7350 OmniaPRO 4, Samsung SPH-M4655 Multi-Touch II, Samsung GT-B5620 OmniaPRO 5, Samsung SPH-M8200
Sharp: Sharp EM-ONE S01SH2, Sharp W-ZERO3 [es] WS007SH, Sharp WS020SH, Sharp W-ZERO3 WS003SH, Sharp WS011SH, Sharp WS004SH
Siemens: Siemens SX56, Siemens SX66
Simvalley Moving: Simvalley Moving Smartphone XP-65, Simvalley Moving Smartphone XP-45, Simvalley Moving Smartphone XP-25
Socket Communications: Socket SoMo 650M/E/HS
SoftBank: SoftBank X02HT (HTC Cavalier), Softbank X04HT Touch Diamond, Softbank X01T, SoftBank X03HT (HTC Wings 100), SoftBank X01HT (HTC Hermes 200), SoftBank X05HT Touch Pro (HTC Raphael)
Sony Ericsson: Sony Ericsson M1i (SE Faith), Sony Ericsson Xperia X2 / X2i (SE Vulcan), Sony Ericsson Aspen (SE Faith), Sony Ericsson Xperia X2a (SE Vulcan), Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1/X1a/X1c/X1i (SE Venus)
Dash: Dash Touch Diamond (HTC Diamond 500), Dash HTC Snap S511 (HTC Cedar 200), Dash Touch (HTC Vogue 100), Dash Notable PPC-6800 (HTC Titan 100), Dash Touch Pro2 (HTC Rhodium W), Dash Touch Pro (HTC Raphael 800)
Sunno: Sunno S880 Windows Moving, Sunno Q880
Swisscom: Swisscom XPA v1240 (HTC Twister Blue-blooded), Swisscom XPA v1405 (HTC Breeze 100), Swisscom XPA v1605 (HTC Hermes 200), Swisscom XPA S200 (HTC Prophet), Swisscom XPA v1510 (HTC Trinity 100)
Symbol: Symbol MC50, Symbol PDT 8000, Symbol PDT 8800, Symbol MC9000-G, Symbol MC70, Symbol PDT 8100, Symbol PPT 2800
T-Moving: T-Moving Pocket Computer Telephone, T-Moving Wing, T-Moving MDA Vario II (HTC Hermes 300), T-Moving MDA Basic (HTC Opal), T-Moving Ameo 16GB (HTC Athena 400), T-Moving MDA IV, T-Moving Shadow, T-Moving MDA Compact IV (HTC Diamond 200), T-Moving SDA II, T-Moving MDA Vario IV (HTC Raphael 300), T-Moving MDA Vario, T-Moving MDA Ameo (HTC Athena 100), T-Moving MDA III, T-Moving MDA Touch 256 (HTC Elfin 300), T-Moving SDA, T-Moving HTC Touch Pro 2 US / Wing II (HTC Rhodium 210), T-Moving MDA Vario III (HTC Kaiser 120), T-Moving MDA Compact III (HTC Artemis 110), T-Moving MDA Pro, T-Moving Sprint, T-Moving MDA II, T-Moving Sprint 3G (HTC Maple 100), T-Moving MDA Compact, T-Moving SDA Air, T-Moving HTC HD2 (HTC Leo), T-Moving MDA Touch Plus (HTC Nike 200), T-Moving MDA Vario V (HTC Rhodium), T-Moving Shadow 2009 (HTC Converse 100), T-Moving MDA Compact V (HTC Topaz), T-Moving MDA Compact II
TechFaith: TechFaith Moffett, TechFaith G3000, TechFaith Perai H, TechFaith Pebble, TechFaith i5 (TechFaith Lampson II)
TMN: TMN Bluebelt (ZTE Xiang), TMN Silverbelt (ZTE Lift), TMN Bluebelt II
TORQ: TORQ P175, TORQ P120, TORQ N100, TORQ P100w
Toshiba: Toshiba TG01, Toshiba e330, Toshiba Portege g500, Toshiba e740, Toshiba e830, Toshiba dynapocket IS02 (Toshiba K01), Toshiba e400/e405, Toshiba Portege g810 , Toshiba e310, Toshiba dynapocket KG01 (Toshiba K01), Toshiba Portege g710, Toshiba e570, Toshiba e750/e755, Toshiba Portege g910, Toshiba g900, Toshiba 2032, Toshiba TG02, Toshiba e550, Toshiba Genio-e, Toshiba e350/e355, Toshiba e800/e805
Trimble: Trimble Juno ST, Trimble Recon, Trimble Juno SB / SC
Typhoon: Typhoon MyGuide 7500 XL, Typhoon MyPhone/MyGuide M500, Typhoon MyGuide Smartphone SP 700, Typhoon MyGuide 2500, Typhoon MyGuide 7500, Typhoon MyGuide 7000 XL, Typhoon MyGuide 3500 XL/mobile, Typhoon MyGuide 5500 XL
UBiQUiO: UBiQUiO 401, UBiQUiO 501, UBiQUiO 503G (TechFaith Perai H)
Unitech: Unitech PA968II, Unitech PA968II Telephone Edition
Verizon: Verizon XV6700 (HTC Apache), Verizon Touch Pro2 XV6875 (HTC Rhodium W), Verizon SMT5800 / XV5800 (HTC Libra 100), Verizon XV6600 (HTC Harrier), Verizon HTC Imagio XV6975 (HTC Whitestone 100), Verizon HTC Ozone XV6175 (HTC Manager), Verizon Touch Diamond XV6950 (HTC Diamond 400), Verizon XV6800 (HTC Titan 100), Verizon Touch Pro XV6850 (HTC Raphael 500), Verizon Touch XV6900 (HTC Vogue 200)
Viewsonic: Viewsonic V37, Viewsonic V35, Viewsonic V36
Vodafone: Vodafone VPA Compact II, Vodafone VPA Touch (HTC Fairy 100), Vodafone VDA V (HTC Vox), Vodafone VPA IV, Vodafone 920 (HTC Kii), Vodafone v1415 (HTC Vox), Vodafone v1240, Vodafone V1620, Vodafone v1615 (HTC Kaiser 120), Vodafone v1605, Vodafone v1210 / SP 1210 (Asus Halley), Vodafone VPA III, Vodafone V1230 (ZTE e810), Vodafone VDA GPS, Vodafone VPA Compact GPS (HTC Trinity 100), Vodafone VDA (HTC Tentacle), Vodafone v1520 (Asus Solaris), Vodafone VPA Compact IV, Vodafone VDA II (HTC Twister Blue-blooded), Vodafone VPA Compact / Compact S, Vodafone v1640 (HTC General), Vodafone VPA Compact V
Voxtel: Voxtel W520, Voxtel W420, Voxtel W210, Voxtel W740
Wanxin: Wanxin M1
WayteQ: WayteQ X5 (TechFaith Lampson), WayteQ T880 (TechFaith Cynthia 850), WayteQ X-Telephone (TechFaith Lancer)
xDevice: xDevice X1
Yakumo: Yakumo PDA Delta 300 GPS, Yakumo PDA deltaX GPS, Yakumo PDA deltaX 5 BT, Yakumo PDA Delta 200, Yakumo PDA Delta 400, Yakumo PDA alphaX GPS, Yakumo PDA Alpha
ZTE: ZTE e760, ZTE e811, ZTE Xiang, ZTE Lift, ZTE N61, ZTE Silverbelt